Girl swimming

Swimming Classes

Active Aqua

A cardio based exercise class, which allows the water to support and assist a full body workout.  This session is also suitable for pregnant ladies. Please advise us when you book that you are pregnant and also check with your midwife that you it is safe for you to participate in exercise.

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Active Aquatic Cycling

Try the latest aqua revolution - Active Aqua Cycle. Just like Active Cycle but in the water! All levels of fitness catered for, key benefits include overall fitness, wellness and could aid weight loss.

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Active Hydrofighter

If you're looking for an aquatic fitness concept that really packs a punch then hydrofighter could be the fitness oncept for you. Designed to adapt land based mixed martial arts and boing exercises, drills and routines, this high intensity cardiovascular style of training really gets the heart pumping.

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