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Activo 60+

Classes and supported activities tailored for anyone 60+

Activo 60+

£26 per month

All the benefits of our Activo scheme plus specialist over-60 sessions such as Active Aqua, Active Aerotone, Active Six O Fit, Seated Exercises, Active Hydro classes, Active Yoga, Active Pilates plus many more.

A joining fee of £20 is applicable at sign up. 50% saving on joining fees when customers sign up online through Leisure Hub. There will be an additional £5 administration fee where no email address is supplied. 

Activo membership gives you access to activities across all four Active4Today sites. 

Please ensure you bring your Active Card or wrist band with you as without it you may be refused entry.

Activo memberships

There is something to suit everyone with our amazing variety of leisure memberships with access to activities across all four Active4Today sites.

Benfits of Activo memberships:

From workshops and activity sessions to gym workouts and swimming for all ages  - there's something for you.

You will receive an Active card or wristband with your membership which must be produced to access facilities.